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Secure Your Commercial Property With Our
Superior 3M Prestige Window Films

Make Your Office Comfortable and Energy-Efficient

While windows let in beautiful natural light to your property, they can also invite problems like cool or drafty areas, excessive heat and distracting glare - issues that may affect your tenants' comfort, occupancy rates, energy bills and profits.

Get in touch with the professionals at Tint City to provide you with 3M™ Sun Control Window
Films that reduce excessive heat and cold spots. 3M™ Window Films also reduce
glare so tenants can view monitors and get work done without any eyestrain or discomfort.

Fill out the request quote form to schedule an appointment at your commerical property so our professional experts can help you decide which window film would be best for your specific needs. For immediate assistance call 1-800-468-7244 during our normal business hours.
Commercial window films

Keep Dangers at Bay With 3M™ Security Window Films

3M™ Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems are engineered to protect you and your property from a range of security concerns.
  • Forced entry crimes and theft
  • Bomb blasts
  • Acts of vandalism
The films include a special adhesive that holds broken glass together, hindering anyone trying to break and enter through your window. They also help reduce the threat of flying glass in case of an explosion.
Commercial window films

Say Goodbye to Scratched Windows

Easily installable on windows, public transportation, transit stops, bathroom mirrors and stalls, 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Window Film provides defense against painting, gouging, scratching and acid etching. In case there's some damage done, you can simply replace the film instead of paying a hefty fee for damage repairs.
Commercial window films

Slash Your Electricity Bills With Our 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film for Windows

Reduce your dependence on artificial lighting by dressing your windows in the 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film. This film redirects as much as 80% of the light deeper into your property so you can reduce your light usage by as much as 52%!

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