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Tint City is committed to providing the highest quality service for auto, residential window tinting and commercial window tinting in the Inland Empire. Over the past two decades, our family-owned business has grown from a small shop to multiple locations, including our shop in Corona, CA. We offer quality window film products installed by our qualified technicians at competitive prices. 

Each home and commercial building is unique and our goal is to provide the right solution for every customer. We have a comprehensive line of films for home window tinting and commercial window films to enhance the exterior appearance of your home or commercial building. Our films reduce heat gain, protect your furnishings and carpets, increase energy efficiency, and create a more balanced indoor temperature. 

Automotive window tinting offers aesthetic and practical benefits. Vehicle interiors heat up in the sun, but window tinting works to reduce the heat, which improves comfort and fuel efficiency. Sun glare is more than just uncomfortable. When the driver is blinded by the glare, it becomes a safety issue. Window tinting improves safety by reducing potentially dangerous glare. In addition to blocking heat, the films block UV light, which prevents fading of the interior and protects your skin.

Additional information about our residential, commercial, and auto glass window tinting services can be found on our website. We offer free in-home estimates for residential and commercial window tinting. You can request a quote by filling out the short form on our website or contact our location in Corona, CA at (951) 278-4600 for a free quote. 

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